Rachel Riddell

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Rachel Riddell, contributor

Age: Sixteen
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Contact: Instagram and Twitter —@racheljriddell.
Current obsessions: Paris, gingham, documentaries on the Russian Revolution and Hemingway
Fashion inspiration(s): Jane Birkin, Mick Jagger, Jeanne Damas, and my mom
Favorite film: I’m gonna cheat and say my favorite French film is Pierrot Le Fou (1965), my favorite English film is Annie Hall (1974), and my favorite film to watch while binge eating chocolate and sobbing into peppermint tea is Before Sunrise (1995).
One thing everyone should have in their closet: A pair of striped pants: Free People employees will compliment you, guys on the street will yell “Beetlejuice!”
Three songs that changed your life: Space Oddity by David Bowie, Desolation Row, by Bob Dylan, and My Sweet Lord by George Harrison
One thing you would tell your fifteen-year-old self: a) Wanting to hang out with a friend does not make you seem clingy b) You’re not a loser for posting a picture with an article of clothing that has already been showcased on your Instagram feed
What inspires you to create?: My desire to capture everything I’m experiencing — internally and externally — and my fear of forgetting it all.
One thing you cannot live without: Coffee and rosehip oil
If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Any song from Radiohead’s Ok Computer. Preferably “No Surprises,” “Let Down,” or “Paranoid Android.” Or “A Perfect Sonnet” by Bright Eyes.
Whose job would you like to steal?: Andy Warhol, back when he was managing The Velvet Underground and directing art house films that everyone hated.
What does your pussy pop for?: Reproductive rights, climate change action, and pasta
Guilty Pleasure: Those “Morning Routine” videos on Youtube that are overly sensationalized and unrealistic, but equally as addictive to watch.
Favorite lyric of all time:
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