Milo Shattell

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Milo Shattell
, contributor

Age: 18
Location: Denver
Contact: @moldyshoo on Twitter
Current obsessions: Twin Peaks and Keanu Reeves
Fashion inspiration(s): Prince some days, working-class mechanic dad in blue jeans other days
Favorite film: Possession, Point Break, The Thing, Tampopo
Three songs that changed your life: Head Over Heels by Tears For Fears, I Was a Lover by TV on the Radio, and Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack
One thing you would tell your fifteen-year-old-self: Don’t hesitate. Try everything. Get into chess club or whatever the fuck. Stop being scared of people, everyone seems to like you anyway.
What inspires you to create?: The pursuit of catharsis. The emotional intensity of a good story can only be felt so often within one’s own relationships, be it interpersonal or with the self. This, as well as my constant objection to any absolute opinion or worldview (I HAVE to challenge people, it’s in my lonely, sanctimonious nature), is the heart of every story I tell and, honestly, every decision I make.
Whose job would you like to steal?: Clive Oppenheimer because volcanology is rad.
What does your pussy pop for?: Female creators, black city planners, and giant monster movies
Guilty pleasure: 90’s rap rock bands from Jacksonville
Favorite lyric of all time:
Milo Lyric