Gamaliel Arroyo

IMG-5289Gamaliel Arroyo, co-founding contributor

Age: On the cusp on nineteen
Contact: @gamiacts on all social media platforms
Current obsessions: Erykah Badu, long belts, La Croix, gold chains, and myself
Fashion inspiration(s): Iris Apfel, Sita Abellan, Jacob K, Ibraham Kamara
Favorite film: Ocean’s 8 (even though it’s not out yet), The Road to El Dorado, Beyonce’s Lemonade
One thing everyone should have in their closet: A jean jacket (a fucking life saver)
Three songs that changed your life: Ring My Bell by Anita Ward, Stonemilker by Bjork, Bad Religion by Frank Ocean
One thing you would tell your fifteen-year-old-self: Stop being so scared. Fear holds you back from so much. You’re so fucking creative and inclined to do beautiful things but the only way you’re going to get there is by cutting all of that fear from you. Other people’s opinions, church opinions, self-criticism—cut it all off.
What inspires you to create?: I’m never full satisfied with anything I do. I know that can lead to a serious self deprecating mindset but it drives me way more. I love thinking about future projects that I’ll tackle, but I know it’ll never be enough. As a kid I always told myself that the little ideas and concepts that I would build in my head were childish and uncommon and weren’t worth pursuing, but living in a renaissance of youth art/culture, where there are literally no limits, made me realize that my ideas are uncommon but unique and worth tapping into.
If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Luxury by Azealia Banks
Whose job would you like to steal?: Jacob K
What does your pussy pop for?: Louis bags, the perfect thrifted find, the first sip of seltzer water, Isabella Peschardt, and Oscar Isaac
Guilty pleasure: Watching any tutorial on Instagram (tiny food making, makeup, slime) and genuinely loving Azealia Banks’s music.
Favorite lyric of all time:
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