What We Consumed in November

Every month, our contributors compile a list of their favorite things that they want to share with you. Here are a few things that our editors liked in the month of November.

Gami Arroyo, co-founder



He’s a literal icon in the Spanish reggeaton community. His luxurious, almost-all-Gucci driven sense of fashion is starting to weed out the hyper-masculinity complex Spanish trap has and still lives by. Even though his music is dirty as hell (get caught playing one of his songs next to a Hispanic grandmother, you’ll get slapped…hard), he’s paving a new way for a subculture that he and other Hispanic/Latinx rappers have already started.


There’s nothing to be said about this. You need to go to Bento’s Café and eat this plate with some white rice. You will NOT regret it, I promise. Holy shit.


It didn’t take me long to realize that there is no way that this cringey teen drama couldn’t be satire. After learning of its origins (the beloved Archie comics) and what it was influenced by (shitty teen mystery dramas like Pretty Little Liars), I decided to forcibly give it a shot. I know can say—even after pushing through Jughead’s dry narrating—that this show is a solid 8.5/10. Only watch when you’re bored and just recently finished a show you’ve been putting off for months.


So…it’s been a week or two since I came back from a quick trip to New York. On the last day in the city, I caught the 8PM viewing of Waitress. If we’re speaking in stan terms: WIG . COMPROMISED . I would have never EVER thought that I would fall in love with a musical that revolves around how much a newly pregnant waitress loves baking. Every single song on the soundtrack has a high note that will save your life or has a lyric that is extremely humorous. I know y’all are going to look up the soundtrack immediately so here’s some tracks that you will love (but listen to it in order because the story matters!!!!!): The Negative, What Baking Can Do, When He Sees Me, Never Getting Rid of Me and I Didn’t Plan It.

Savannah Sicurella, editor-in-chief



I have been dreaming of finding the perfect pair of trousers for as long as I can remember. I am extremely picky and obsessive over what I wear; I am not necessarily fashion-forward, but whatever I choose to wear for the day has to work in tandem with my mood, state of my hair, or what phase I am going through. In the midst of my Black Friday escapades, I came across the most breathtakingly beautiful, comfortable, and CHEAP houndstooth (!!!) trousers that I have ever seen in my entire life. They were pulled straight from my fantasies.


I have always loved reading, but I have to be in an extremely specific headspace to sit down and commit to reading more than ten pages of a book at a time. Earlier this year, I vowed to read at least fifteen books by the end of the year, but my migration to college soiled the plan. My dissatisfaction with the lack of Trash YouTube* eventually led me to finally picking up and resuming The Girls by Emma Cline this month. I couldn’t put it down…and then I immediately picked up another unfinished novel I had lying around. I think the key to committing yourself to reading is to actually read. That took me a minute to find out. I’d force myself to work through Salinger novel after Salinger novel until I was sick of reading altogether, not realizing that there was a wealth of literature that actually appealed to me sitting in a library less than a mile away from my house.

* n. (1) A subsection of YouTube solely designed to distract you from being productive; (2) WatchMojo, Nicki Swift, WhatCulture)


Every month, I tend to develop a hyper-fixation for another element of the early 2000’s. This month, it’s Miss. Thing Ashlee Simpson, who I wholeheartedly believe did not deserve to die out with her sister’s shadow. Her Autobiography debut is genuinely good and actually conjures Courtney Love teas. Seriously. It’s unfortunate that the public views her music as just as valuable as a pair of studded tan Jessica Simpson heels that were left to rot in the T.J. Maxx sale section, but if her music debuted in 2017, she would definitely be on Petra Collins’s roster.


Freshman 15 is a myth. The food in the dining hall is so excruciatingly bad that I have lost a significant amount of weight since I moved to college in August. However, this weight loss is slowly being restored by a newfound constant craving for pizza. I truly do not want to sound like a robotic Jennifer Lawrence I-love-pizza-so-fucking-much imitation, but it’s true. I fucking love pizza. My boyfriend and I have gotten into the habit of going for pizza and trivia on Tuesdays, and it’s the definitive temporary cure to my seasonal depression.


Blitz Edited


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