My New York City

I had the pleasure to visit the city of my dreams with a group of my closest friends in the beginning of June. Being in New York City made me realize how tangible my goals were. The daring young people, the uninterrupted energy, and the clothes that I saw put everything into perspective. If I could run into classic Chanel diamond earrings and a Vetements X Champions sweater while eating Japanese BBQ in the middle of China Town, then I could definetly finish my last year of getting my AA. I know those don’t sound like they correlate but I had to mention that outfit. Sometime before seeing new Vetements at a local hole-in-the-wall, I decided to view New York City just like one of my inspirations did. Just as I would. I decided to get on my Bill Cunnigham shit. I whipped out a disposable and started shooting every beautiful face I encountered. This is what I found. My New York City.

(Pt. 2 Coming Soon)



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