Inspiration Comes From Boredom, Poverty and the Mall at Millennial

On a lighter yet still inspirational note, with nothing to do and no money to spend, I went to the Mall at Millenial with two friends to visit some somewhat pricey stores: Lush and probably Urban Outfitters. What I didn’t know was that I was going to experience art, careers, and creative excellence. Seeing the Gucci sign spelled out in metallic gold—you know I shit my pants instantly. When I tell you I couldn’t fathom the pieces that were held safely on a shining platter in front of me, my mouth literally fell open. Everything about the new Pre-Fall 2017 collection made me realize this is what my future looks like. Vibrant colors, youthful dancing, bold ruffle shoulders, bags that could kill with looks, and Gucci ribbons that were used as cologne samples. My friends kept gawking over the tags with commas on them and complained about those privileged enough of being able to afford it. But I felt completely fine. It felt right. It felt like I belonged among the Italian leather and bulky, bedazzled shades. It’s that familiar feeling you get when you come home and flop on your bed while closing your eyes cause for a split second everything is alright, you are home. I wrote in my notes later on, “The reason you don’t feel sad when you see new season is because you appreciate them as art, not clothes.” After experiencing something extremely related to the MoMa’s Comme des Garçons exhibition I visited last month in New York, I moseyed on down to Chanel where I meet something very close to my dream job. Floating into the back layout of the store made me feel like I was in one of Jackie Kennedy’s wet dreams; I mean this lounge area/ready-to-wear closet was beautiful—not to mention the new Gabrielle collection. While taking a tour, I was dying to push myself to ask an associate what it took to get a job at Chanel or Gucci. The lady on the ladder fixing a couple of Classic Flap Bags seemed very approachable so I sat down next to her on a chair that probably cost more than me. I asked her flat out what it took to get a job here.

“Well, they usually need to give their portfolio.”

“So what do you do?”

“I handle the visuals.” At this point, I shit myself for the second time in an hour.

“Do you follow a guideline from corporate, or do you just…do your thing?”

“Well most of the stores have different products and collections, all of them are unique, so it’s mostly me.” Now at this point, I’m standing up, full jaw on the floor, staring at the marketing visual boss at the Chanel in Orlando. Once I realized I was geeking out over a marketing job, a part of me felt like an immature school boy hanging around The Suite.

“Wow… I love your work.” I started to walk away, mouth still half open half smiling and she goes “Aw, thanks, hun, I love your hair.”

Some background knowledge for those of you who don’t know: I want to major in Fashion Communications. Specifically with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship, but working with visuals and becoming a creative director is a literal dream (I also want to model, design, act and just about everything in between, but who doesn’t…). Meeting an artist who crafts the raw feeling of a Chanel store is exactly what I needed. It showed me what I’m striving for, and hopefully, I’ll reach even higher levels. Even down to the Chanel store in Orlando, Florida. Seeing a job as a visual eye for Chanel and off-the-runway pieces that’s literally nowhere near Orange City, Florida, this close to me really put all my plans into perspective.

So yes, you are currently looking at Gucci’s future Visual Artist/Creative Director. I’m speaking that out into the universe right now.

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