5 Things That Describe If I Wore It, I Stole It

Welcome to If I Wore It, I Stole It. A space where I can actually put all of my not-so-well thought-out ideas into play. Most of my content is going to revolve around fashion—what it means to me, how we all use it as a form of therapy and expression, how differently we all use it, and how to have fun with it. I’m not going to explain the sob story of my suburban life because my suburban life is fucking boring. That’s why I’ve decided to make this column a spot where I can throw all of my interviews, shoots, upcoming ideas on new trends, uncovering of new artists, and everything in between, onto. I’m not a writer. I barely passed last semester because I thought not writing a paper was better than writing two pages on Iran and its sovereignty. Needless to say, If I Wore it, I Stole It will be more of a visual experience. Here are a couple of essential items and ideas that come with the If I Wore It, I Stole It.

  1. A Denim Jacket

    It’s the millenial’s Little Black Dress.

  2. Finding the sweet spot between imitation and innovation

    Trying to find your sense of style can be difficult because all we ever want to do is wear something someone else has. Mix that shit up. Fuck an aesthetic. Find something that makes you uncomfortable and roll with it.

  3. Everything I find is from a thrift store

    Most of the pieces shown on here are second hand. One giant tip for thrifting: the more the store smells, the better pieces you find. I highly recommend buying secondhand; not only do the clothes have more soul, but your find is literally one of kind. I’m talmbout some ‘You See This Coat‘ one of a kind.


    Everything. Literally everything.

  5. There are no “no’s”

    There are no rules in fashion. Everything works. People misconstrue not liking someones outfit with it being “wrong”. There are no wrongs. Just because you don’t like corduroy and polyester together doesn’t mean your Forever21 top and H&M jeans are any better. No hate to &DENIM because they have saved my ass many times.


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